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The concept of fundraising is far from new. The need to raise money by privately funded organizations remains constant. Like many industries, however, fundraising has become stagnant with companies lacking the creativity to offer exciting, useful and meaningful programs as an incentive to raise money.

Although the sale of everything from candy to cookies, candles to coupons and popcorn to fruit baskets has become the staple form of generating revenue for needy organizations, we at Awesome Fundraising are setting a new standard in the fundraising business. Our products offer a "point-of-difference" to both the organizations conducting the drive and the consumers purchasing the products.

Industry analysts agree that 60% of product purchases result from the consumer wanting to support the organization, as opposed to actually wanting or needing the products offered. The purchase incentive increases to 83% when the consumer is offered a product they feel is functional, useful or can be given as a gift.

When developing our fundraising program, we at Awesome have taken this into account by offering your supporters a product they can have as a keepsake or, give as a gift. It has an unlimited life cycle as opposed to consumables which are long gone and soon forgotten.

Awesome Fundraising was created to “make a difference”. We take pride in our innovative approach to meeting your fundraising needs and welcome the opportunity to show you why we believe our program can help you exceed your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising Program

What makes the Awesome fundraising program different from other companies?
How much money can be earned?
Do we get personal attention from a representative or work through the internet?
Is the program complicated or can it be easily administered?
Are there incentives offered to the top sellers?
How can my group sign-up to use Awesome as their fundraiser?

What makes the Awesome fundraising program different from other companies?
Many fundraising companies use consumables (candy, popcorn, cookies, candles, etc.) as the force behind their drives.
Once the item is consumed, it is gone and so is any connection with your organization. At Awesome, we provide the consumer with
an item that is not only useful and functional, but offers a sentimental value that becomes a constant every day reminder of your
school, group or organization. “Where did you get that cup? That question will keep your group in the minds of your supporters. Our
personalized mugs are both great giving items and keepsakes that last indefinitely!

How much money can be earned?
The Awesome program offers your organization a full 50% profit. Each of the mugs, personalized or traditional family sayings,
sell for $15.00. Your profit is $7.50 per mug. As these are all special orders, the money is collected when the consumer makes their
purchase. You only pay Awesome $7.50 at the end of the drive when the orders are tabulated and collected. On average, each
seller will produce 8-15 sales ($60.00-$112.50 profit per seller). If your group has 100 participants your organization can earn over
$11,000. Many organizations enlist the support of parents and teachers during the drive. This results in added sales and
increases your profit potential well beyond the average.

Do you get personal attention from a representative or work through the internet?
Your program will be under the direct and personal care and supervision of an Awesome representative, not an internet website.
Any questions you have prior to, during, or after the program is completed will be personally addressed by your representative
or a member of the Awesome Fundraising management team. Our goal is to provide your organization with the best possible service
which includes personalized service every step of the way!

Is the program complicated or can it be easily administered?
Our fundraising program is among the easiest in terms of its simplicity and ease of administration. Here are the basic

  • A personal representative meets with your organization’s fundraising administrator to explain exactly how the program works.
  • An ample supply of brochures (with the order form and receipt attached) are provided to meet your anticipated selling needs.
  • The consumer keeps the brochure and receipt. Each order form, along with the collected payment, is kept by the seller and
    returned to the organization.
  • The consumer uploads their personalized photo(s) to our website.
  • The orders are tabulated at the completion of the sale with the order forms and Awesome’s portion of the proceeds collected
    by the Awesome representative.
  • The mugs, individually labeled with the customer’s order number and seller’s name, are delivered to your organization for
    distribution to the purchasers.

Are there incentives offered to the top sellers?
Absolutely. Our incentive program offers prizes to the organization’s top sellers. The Awesome representative will gladly review
the dynamics of this program as part of the program’s orientation process.

How can my group sign-up to use Awesome as their fundraiser?
You can contact us through our website using the “email us” link, or, we can be reached at either our east coast or west offices
(see website for contact information). We will immediately have an Awesome representative contact you to schedule a personalized
meeting to discuss the program details.
Fundraising Highlights

Personalized 11 oz. Ceramic Coffee Mugs

  • 50% Profit for your organization
  • All mugs printed in the U.S.A.
  • No monetary investment
  • Profits taken immediately after the sale
  • Each student's order is packed individually
  • High quality, ceramic mugs - dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Simple and easy order instructions
  • Free, seller's top prize award program
  • A useful and practical gift or keepsake item that is cherished for years

Traditional 11 oz. Ceramic Family Coffee Mugs

  • Enjoy all of the same benefits listed above with the selection of any of these four "Saying" mugs
  • Ideal and appropriate for every member of the family


100 20 40% 8 800 $7.50 $6,000.00
200 20 40% 8 1600 $7.50 $12,000.00
300 20 40% 8 2400 $7.50 $18,000.00


If you possess excellent communication skills and enjoy interacting with others, then a position with Awesome Fundraising might be just what you are looking for. We currently have excellent opportunities for independent representatives in many parts of the country. Whether you are re-entering the job market, looking to change your career, or are the secondary provider in your household, the flexibility you will enjoy as an Awesome Fundraising representative can easily meet your criteria.

Awesome is one of the country’s fastest growing fundraising companies. With offices on both the east and west coast, we have representatives throughout the United States. Our sales force is strategically situated to provide local and regional coverage to offer the best possible service to the organizations we service.

Fundraising is an extremely lucrative business that can provide great monetary rewards, especially when your “product” offers a point-of-difference that sets itself apart from the competition. This advantage provides our representatives with greater opportunities to enhance their income potential.

Join our team and let Awesome help you achieve your financial goals.

You will be asked to:

  • Call on schools and independently funded organizations, clubs, and parent-teacher groups
  • Set-up appointments to make presentations to the fundraising administrators

Your qualifications should include:

  • Drive and enthusiasm
  • Taking initiative and being a self-starter
  • Organized and disciplined
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to address a group
  • Previous sales experience (not necessarily calling on schools or self-funded organizations)

We provide you with the resources you will need to succeed!

Please email your resume to:
Be sure to include the territory you are requesting in your cover email.

The primary purpose, use and function of our website is to receive uploaded photos from consumers who have placed orders for Personalized Photo Mugs from an organization running a fundraising sale through Awesome Fundraising. The intent is not to solicit money or accept orders involving monetary payment, nor is it to receive personal information for any other purpose or use other than identifying the purchaser for order distribution purposes.

When you use our website to upload and order your personalized photo mugs, we will need to collect certain information from you, duplicating what was filled out on the Order Form at the time of your purchase. This information includes: Your Name, Order Number, Organization Code, Number of Mugs Ordered. This information will not be shared with any third parties other than those affiliated with Awesome Fundraising and the organization with whom you placed your order.

The sole rights to all the photos uploaded to our website will remain with those who have submitted those photos. No further intended or unattended use by Awesome Fundraising of these photos will take place other than forwarding the images to the manufacturer for processing onto the mug ordered by you, the purchaser.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you believe this policy has been violated, please feel free to contact us. We value your input and will do everything possible to protect you and your privacy when you use our website.